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Why Superior Customer Experience Is Key‍‍‍

‘How do they do that?’

‘What is their strategy?’

‘How can we do the same as them, but better?’

I suppose every brand has asked themselves these or similar questions at some point - then monitored the competition to uncover the answers. But something I’ve learnt is that, although it’s good to keep an eye on the competition, it’s even more important to keep an eye on your audience.

Let’s face it, there will always be someone who’s offering a wider range of products, selling at a cheaper price, or shipping faster - and unless you’re THE global leader in your industry there’s probably not too much you can do about it. But that doesn’t have to matter.‍‍‍

16th May 2018‍‍‍

81% of customers‍‍‍ are willing
‍‍‍to pay more for‍‍‍ a superior experience.

Let me explain my stance by beginning with a quote from IBM’s 2017 Customer Experience Index Study: ‘A retailer is less likely to truly delight customers through better supply chain capabilities.’. Yes, your business needs a solid foundation – but to stand out from the crowd, user journeys and customer experiences must be a fundamental part of that solid business foundation.

Customers want to be taken on a journey. They are looking for a superior experience - and 81% of customers are willing to pay more for such an experience. They want to experience brands, they want to be part of a brand’s world, they want to feel part of a relationship, and they want brands to embrace that.

I believe that this user journey has strong potential to be a unique selling point for brands – especially in a world where the most recent amazing brand experience then sets the standard expectation for any future ones that follow. Brands need to deliver a user journey that their customers will enjoy; that immerses them in a lasting brand experience by reaching them via multi-channel storytelling. And that’s where we come in.

We love our clients and we advise them, in turn, to love their customers – to make sure they are communicating with them in the most relevant, innovative, and valuable ways possible. Which is why the first question we always ask is….

‘How can we make them think ‘Wow’?’.

IBM’s 2017 Customer Experience Index Study

Oracle 2013: Global Insights on Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era

collab-ed, an award-winning international creative agency: Why Superior Customer Experience Is Key Blog
collab-ed, an award-winning international creative agency: Why Superior Customer Experience Is Key Blog

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